An example of Guru's inner guidance

A statue of Sri Chinmoy on the grounds of the Parliament in Dili, Timor-Leste

The purpose of life is to manifest the highest Truth which we embody. First we have to see the Truth and feel the Truth. Then we have to reveal and manifest the Truth.
Sri Chinmoy

Guru says that meditation and manifestation go hand in hand. When I have a manifestation project that is really important, my meditation becomes even more important as well. Anything that Guru has allowed me to work on in manifestation, any really important project, has only succeeded by Guru’s direct intervention and Guru’s grace.

When Guru was in the physical, after my meditation every single morning, almost every morning, Guru would call me on the phone. I had a special phone that Guru gave me. It was just for him, it was his phone. He would call usually at 6:30 or 7:00 in the morning and ask me, “What news?” and then give me advice. Really, I was sharing news with Guru, but he was blessing me and guiding me and doing everything through his Blessings and his spiritual Light.

Also my name means ‘eagerness’, but nobody in the universe had more eagerness to manifest the Supreme than Guru. When we had good news in manifestation, Guru got so happy. If you serve Guru through manifestation based on your inner connection to Guru, you serve outwardly other people. And you have to know that it makes Guru so happy.

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Spiritual Masters do not die

Sri Chinmoy makes his prayerful obeisance before a statue of Sri Ramakrishna.

Here is a very short but extremely significant story.

One day Guru had invited us to ask questions, and one of the girls came up and began to ask, “Guru, when Sri Ramakrishna died . . .”

Guru immediately interrupted her and said, “Spiritual Masters do not die. They leave the body but they never, never die.”

Oh, where is death?
No death, no death.
All-where I see God’s

Sri Chinmoy 1

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Failures are the pillars of success


Guru had come to San Francisco for many things, but one of the things was to visit Ananda Fuara, a really good restaurant they have out there. There were many people there from all over the West Coast. Of course, not everybody could fit into the restaurant. It wasn't big enough. So I was standing outside with the group of people.

Finally Guru came out and he was blessing us with his hand and smiling. Everybody was really happy. Guru got into the car that was waiting. Then Guru got out of the car and started walking towards me. I actually looked behind me to see if there is somebody more important standing there. But there wasn't. Guru walked up about six feet away from me and looked at me with half-closed eyes. He said, “You will not swim the channel? You will not swim the English Channel?” Then Guru turned around and slowly walked back to the car and they drove away.

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Showing a video to the Prime Minister of Nepal

Sri Chinmoy presents the U Thant Peace award to Nepalese Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala

Mridanga was the videographer for many of the events that took place in Sri Chinmoy's life.

We were in Nepal for the Sri Chinmoy Peace Nation dedication. We had the ceremony, which was very nice. The Prime Minister came, big shots came, and the next day Guru gave the Prime Minister the U Thant Peace Award.

When meeting big shots, I would check and double-check and recheck the equipment, and normally I would bring a backup camera, just in case, because many, many things could go wrong. Actually, I don’t think ever there were any major problems, but there was an enormous amount of stress beforehand for me. I never really enjoyed the meetings because I was so focused on checking that everything was working. 

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The happiest I've ever been


My name is Gabriele. I grew up in Italy and a few years ago I moved to San Diego, California, where I now live. I’m going to tell you a story that happened to me about three years ago. It changed my life, so it’s very significant to me.

It was a Saturday afternoon, so I went for lunch at Jyoti-Bihanga restaurant here in San Diego. They were organising a water station for the following day’s race -- the San Diego marathon.

Jyoti-Bihanga Restaurant

That day I felt particularly inspired to do something for the community, with the community. Sure enough, the opportunity came along. I thought, “These guys are looking for volunteers for the race and I would like to be part of it”. 

So I talked to the gentleman sitting outside, Mahiyan, and asked him if I could join in. He hooked me up with Vasudha, and she said, “Come along. It will be great to have you!”

The following morning at 5:30 a.m. I met them at the water station, and we set up. We were given instructions on how to go about the race. My duty was to sweep the street of the plastic bottles and anything that was in the way of the runners. As you know, there is such a fantastic energy at the race. Everybody chips in, runners and volunteers. It was a really nice build-up.

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How Sri Chinmoy came to meet with Mother Teresa

In 1994, the first time Guru met with Mother Teresa, he was moved in every way. This was not the very first time, but it was the first time that Guru had a longer meeting.

This meeting was October 1st, 1994.  So I wanted to tell you the story of how it happened. Starting in 1994, Guru began asking me to call Mother Teresa and give messages to her—very, very sweet messages. She in turn would give very sweet messages of her love for Guru and gratitude to Guru.

Guru would give a New Year’s Message every year. In 1994 his message said it was the year of destruction. Most of the time the message for the year was very positive, but this particular year Guru said was extremely dangerous, and we had to be very careful. Usually Guru travelled quite a bit outside of the United States. He would go to many countries, but in that year, it was already September, and Guru had not gone to any other country by then.

Guru asked me toward the end of September, “Please, I would like you to go to Rome and arrange for me to meet with Mother Teresa.” I told the nuns that I was coming and I would be so grateful to come to pray with Mother Teresa and then speak with her briefly after the prayer.

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How sports and fitness became part of our spiritual life

This is the very beginning of when Guru started to incorporate sports and fitness into our Path.

As you know, Guru came to the West in 1964, and the very first Centre he opened was in Puerto Rico in 1966. I came in 1970, four years later after the Centre was opened there. But during those first years, it wasn't anything like it is today. We didn't run. We didn't do sports unless someone on their own happened to do it. But most of us weren't athletes. I happened to be a surfer because I was from Hawaii.

Our Centre life as disciples consisted basically of our daily practice, of course, our meditation and study and coming to the Centre meditations. The only other real activity we had was what Guru called karma yoga nights, selfless service nights, when we would come to the Centre and do arts and crafts. Whatever we made we would eventually sell. With these sales we would raise money for the Centre. And maybe sometimes on the weekends, just informally, the younger disciples mostly, we would go on a hike in nature, in the mountains and things like that, but there were never any organised sports at all. No one was running at that time.


I think it was maybe around 1970, on one of Guru’s trips to Puerto Rico. One night after meditation we were sitting around with him very informally talking and joking. Out of the blue Guru said, “Okay, everyone, I want all of you to be at the park tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. We're going to take exercises.”

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Messages of hope from Portugal

Since the onset of the pandemic, the Sri Chinmoy Centres throughout the world have sought simple, humble ways to make the situation more tolerable. For example, at the beginning of the pandemic, we offered food from our restaurants in the USA and Europe to local hospital doctors and nurses. Sri Chinmoy founded the Oneness-Heart Tears and Smiles humanitarian organisation in 1991, where members of the Sri Chinmoy Centres could work together on humanitarian projects such as these.

One initiative that has brought a lot of joy: sharing large colourful banners with messages of hope, perseverance and encouragement from Sri Chinmoy's writings.

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The most beautiful and fulfilling of all possible experiences

A deep meditation is one of the most beautiful and fulfilling of all possible experiences. Once we have learnt how to find our way into that desireless inner stillness that is always there inside us, our life can never be the same. Here in the sanctuary of the heart, free of time and the burdens of the mind, everything is clear, everything is already done. Out of this silence comes wisdom, understanding, and delight.

In many ways Guru taught us to take our practice of meditation out into the everyday aspects of our life—karma yoga—to train ourselves to sustain the meditative feeling as long as possible. Walking through a park, sitting on a bus, waiting for somebody, travelling to the next moments of our life, learning to string these moments of calm together as a necklace of day-long moments of happiness.

At first, the experience of meditation itself relies upon a calm environment and some combination of time, place, and correct technique. But then it goes beyond these needs. We begin to realise that while our increasing moments of “success” have been possible through some combination of external factors—a workshop we attended, group practice, a new exercise we tried, or inspiring music—in reality these things have reconnected us with our deeper self, and that “self” is always there inside us, wherever we are.

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Andrea Marcato wins the World's Longest Race

On Sunday 17 October, Andrea Marcato won the 2021 Sri Chinmoy Self-Transcendence 3,100 Mile in a superb time of 42 days plus 17 hours 38 minutes and 38 seconds. The time placed him as the third fastest runner of all time. Even more remarkable is how during the race he was able to increase his daily mileage totals towards the end of the race - running 30 consecutive days of 70+ miles.

andrea marcato

On the final day, he ran 76 miles, to finish towards the end of the day. After nearly 43 days of running 16 hours a day, he was inspired to run very fast the last few laps to beat the previous 3rd best runner by just one minute 21 seconds. Andrea reported feeling unaware of his body for these last momentous laps, a reflection of the real self-transcendence runners can achieve during the race. It was Andrea's second consecutive first place in the race, and 18 hours faster than his previous time in the 2020 Salzburg edition. In an interview,  after the race, he explained why he wanted to do the race and paid tribute to his helpers:

“It is a drive that you feel from within.  Once you do it there is this inner call.”

“Without my helpers, I would not be able to perform at that level.  Definitely I could finish the race, but not in this way.”

To Andrea, like other runners, the race was as much about the inner challenge as the physical feat.

“The inner part of the race, somehow I realized that the race for me was already done. It was meant to be like this.  When you struggle in the race you think it is about you, and your effort.  But in the end I realized it was already meant to be like this.  The inner part already knows in advance what is going to happen.”

Marcato a student of Sri Chinmoy, grew up in Lughetto, a suburb of Venice in Italy. He currently works in a vegetarian food factory in Zurich, Switzerland. To complete the race he had to eat about 10,000 calories per day in small portions while running or walking. He did not take a nap but ran almost continuously for 18 hours per day. He went through 15 pairs of running shoes and consumed over 10,000 calories a day. He ate an alkaline diet of avocados, watermelon, mandarin oranges, brown rice, quinoa, buckwheat, steamed vegetables. Despite consuming 10,000 calories he lost 10kg during the race.

The Sri Chinmoy Self-Transcendence 3,100 Mile Race started on September 5 and continues until October 26. The contestants each have 52 days to complete the race. To meet their goal of 3100 miles (4989 km) in 52 days, the participants must log an average of 59.6 miles per day - more than 2 marathons. This adds up to a total of 118 marathons in succession. The race has been described as the "Mount Everest of ultrarunning".

However, more than 4,000 people have reached the summit of Everest since 1953. Only 49 have completed a 3,100-mile race in 24 years.

Seven elite runners from seven countries took up the challenge in the world’s longest certified running race.

The only woman competitor 46-year-old Harita Davies (USA), who was born in New Zealand, will finish the race late in the evening on Monday, October 25 if she keeps up the pace.
Taiwanese runner Lo Wei Ming (58) is expected to finish second on Saturday, 23rd October. He runs in sandals, is known as a rock star in the running world of Taiwan. Vasu Duzhiy (Russia) is in position to finish third. Takasumi Senoo (Japan) is hopeful to finish on Day 52, the final day of the race. The other competitors are Stutisheel Lebedev hailing from Ukraine and Ananda-Lahari of Slovakia.

The 25th Annual 3100 Mile Race is taking place on a 0.5488 mile loop around Thomas A. Edison Career and Technical Education High School (165-65 84th Ave). The 3100 Mile Race was initiated by Indian born spiritual teacher, athlete and musician Sri Chinmoy in 1997. Sri Chinmoy (1931-2007) himself participated in many marathons and ultra-races. He described the benefit of a multi-day race in the following way: "Self-transcendence is the only thing a human being needs in order to be truly happy. So these races help the runners tremendously, although outwardly they go through such hardship. Eventually, when the race is over, they feel they have accomplished something most significant."

Top 5 Finishers of all time

1.   40:09:06:21  Ashprihanal Aalto,44,Finland

2.   41:08:16:29  Madhupran W. Schwerk,50,Germany

3.   42:17:38:38   Andrea Marcato,39, Zurich SUI (Italy) (2021)

4.   42:17:39:59  Galya V. Balatskyy,43,Ukraine

5.   43:10:36:39  Grahak Cunningham,35,Australia

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