My wife's soul comes to visit

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I was married to Subarata, an Irish disciple, for 20 years. She passed away from a very rare disease in the year 2000. When she passed away, Guru said to me, “Do not grieve too much. The secret of life is that there is no death.”

Sri Chinmoy offers flowers at a memorial for Subarata, March 2000

One night, about three months later, I was back in New Zealand. I was asleep in my room and I got woken up at three o'clock in the morning. There was a very strong and very beautiful fragrance of flowers in my room. I had a feeling in my heart that her soul was there in the room and she had come to visit. I jumped out of bed and I sat in the little side room where she used to meditate.

Ten minutes later, the telephone rang. It was Ashrita or someone in New York calling me up. He said, “Guru told me to call you and tell you that your wife's soul is there in the room. She has come to visit you.”

I was very surprised, as Guru was 12,000 miles away in New York, and he confirmed the experience that her soul had come from the soul's the world into our world to visit.

Sri Chinmoy meditates with Jogyata and Subarata on the occasion of Subarata's birthday, 1994

The Master's Fruitful Answers

The Master’s fruitful answers
To his children’s soulful questions
Are as meaningful to them
As their highest meditation,
For his answers convince
Their physical mind
Of the messages they receive
From their spiritual heart.

Sri Chinmoy 1

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